Band Overview


Why Do We Have the Band System?

Our main objectives at APEX Denver are to have fun and to train safely. Our Band System is a way for us to gauge the student’s skills and progress so we can place them in the appropriate level of class. This system allows us to restrict students from potentially endangering themselves until they can show us, through testing, that they have the skills, mindset, and experience to climb to certain heights, do certain techniques, etc. It also is a good encouragement for the students to progress strongly and safely as they continue on the path to becoming an expert traceur. Every time a student unlocks a new band, they will receive new privileges in the gym as well as new levels of skill development.

Band Stripe Tests

Students must earn a stripe on their current band before they can take the next band challenge. The stripe tests check fundamental strength and form to ensure that students skill levels aren’t surpassing their fitness or technique. Stripe tests are free and students can take them at any time by asking the front desk staff or a coach. If they fail this test it’s not a big deal. The coach will give them some tips and skills to work on and whenever they are ready they can test again. Once they have passed, students’ bands will be marked to show they have passed. The stripe will also indicate that they are ready to take the next level Band Challenge.

How the Band Challenges Work

Band Challenges are held every 4 to 6 weeks and costs $10 per person -or- you may schedule a private Band Challenge at your convenience for $20 per person. Check the community board or the website to see when the next Band Challenge is taking place, or talk to the front desk staff if you’d like to set up a private time. During the Band Challenge there are 12 skills tested, each of which is worth 1 point. To pass the challenge the student must receive at least 9 out of 12 (75% or higher). Once the test is over, we do not tell the students if they have passed or failed. Instead, the students will know the next time they visit APEX Denver and if the challenge is passed, the student will receive their new Band! If the student failed the challenge, a coach will explain why the student failed and what to work on in order to pass the next time they come to a band challenge, which can be taken as many times as the student needs. The students will receive their first band free of charge for each level, but a replacement for a lost band costs $5. If the band breaks, bring it in and we will replace it for free.

If you would like to know what skills are tested for each band and/or get more information, please see a coach or check the links below.